The P 500 Procedure for Command & Strategy # 8.

Counted for the 500 copies that are needed to get Command & Strategy # 8 printed are:

1) All direct P 500 orders for Command & Strategy # 8

2) All confirmed Command & Strategy endless subscribers

3) UGG will use the year 2012 to sort out which of the Vae Victis International Subscribers and the

Old Concept Command & Strategy subscribers can be added to the P 500 numbers. So far none have been counted.

You can help us is that process if you drop us a mail.

Fortress Sevastopol

Fortess Sevastopol uses an easy to learn area movement and combat system. A similar system was already used in games like “Breakout Normandy”, Monty’s Gamble - Market Garden, and Storm Over Stalingrad. Fortress Sevastopol is issue number 8 in UGG’s Command & Strategy magazine series.


There will be no future Vae Victis magazines by UGG.

The new subscription concept

Depending on the success of Command & Strategy #8 there may be more future issues witn new interesting subjects.



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