Command & Strategy #7 will contain the game Blitzkrieg 1940 that first appeared in Vae Victis No. 63. The game will be updated where necessary to incorporate any known errata. To accompany the game two historical articles on the battles of Stonne and Hannut will be included.

Started with Command & Strategy magazine the game Pearl Harbor by UGG will see its last installment, in the Deluxe Edition only, to complete this final game in the Empires of the Apocalypse game series. Again an historical article on the Pacific War will give the gamer the background on this gigantic struggle for supremacy in the Asiatic region.

Advanced Squad Leader and Advanced Tobruk System scenarios will allow gamers to explore their favorite tactical game system, visiting foreign fields, getting close to the action.

Previews, reviews and news from the gaming industry will wet the appetite to push some cardboard or shuffle a deck of cards.

Next to boardwargaming, miniature gaming covering all periods of history will be present in the form of illustrated miniature gaming after action reports, tips and trick as well as pictures showing the artistic skills of the readers showing their painted armies in full color.

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