Advertising in Command & Strategy

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First issue rates.

1 DIN A4 (full) page

150 Euro

1⁄2 DIN A4

80 Euro

1⁄4 DIN A4

50 Euro

1/8 DIN A4

30 Euro

Back Cover page (1 DIN A4)

300 Euro

Cover inside page (1 DIN A4)
Either page 2 or the second last page.

200 Euro

The above are special reduced prices for issue #7. Pricing will go up for future issues.

All prices are + 19% VAT (for European customers only).

The initial print run is 3000. If we reprint your ad will be published again without extra costs.

For Future Magazines
For 2 avertisments in 2 magazines get 10% off
For 4 avertisments in 4 magazines get 20% off
(The invoice amount is charged with the first advertisement.)



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